How to Keep Plants Alive When You’re on Vacation

If you have a home full of plants, it can be difficult to get friends to take good care of them securely while you are away. Also, what if no one can come every day to care for your plants exactly the way they need to? Here are some tips to keep your plants happy and healthy while you rest.

How to water plants on vacation

The biggest problem people worry about when leaving their plants alone is regular watering; and if you have a huge family of different plants, they will need to be looked after in different ways. Fortunately, you can equip different irrigation systems for your plants.

Water the plants with a bottle of wine

For larger plants that require regular watering, the wine bottle option is an excellent choice. Take an empty swivel wine bottle, punch a hole in the metal cap, and fill the bottle with water. Screw the (now punctured) cap back on. Flip the wine bottle, lid down, into the plant pot and place it deep enough for the bottle to stand on its own. Over time, the water will gradually drain, feeding your plant while you are away.

Place the plants in your tub or paddling pool as a water reservoir.

If you have a few tropical plants and maybe not enough wine bottles, you can give the plants the moisture they need in a bath. Garden writer Barbara Pleasant told House Beautifu l that the best way to care for a variety of indoor plants while on vacation is to fill your tub with one to two inches of water. Remove all saucers from the bottom of the plant pots and place each plant in the tub together. The plants will soak up water through the drainage hole and drink as needed while you are away. The same process works with a kiddie pool for your outdoor plants.

Group plants by type

Before you travel, arrange the plants by type. Succulents and cacti should be with other plants that won’t need attention while you’re away. Water them before you leave and you’re done. Keep the most tropical plants together so they can feed on each other’s warmth and moisture.

How to adjust the airflow of your plants when you are away

The next problem for your plants is oxygen and airflow. (I’m not the type to leave windows open knowing that I’m gone for a long period of time.) There are ways to create the moist or dry environment for your plant that they need when you cannot regulate the daytime temperature with the day. …

Make a temporary greenhouse

Place a plastic container over small plants that like moisture. The plastic container will create a mini greenhouse that keeps the water and humidity cycling around while you are away. It also works with a plastic bag as a small terrarium.

Move plants away from windows until you return

Grouping plants together is the easiest way to control airflow and temperature for plants while you are away. Tropical plants are placed in your tub and succulents are dried in the corner as you wish. But you must make sure that all plants are away from any variables that could change the temperature at any time. Keep plants away from vents, sun windows, and heaters. If you don’t move them, these things can dry out your more sensitive plants faster than you think.

Adjust the temperature or air conditioner before leaving the plants alone

This step can increase your utility bill during your absence, not to mention that it is not the most environmentally friendly, but if necessary, your plants will thank you for spending a little extra money on them by adjusting the heat or air conditioner for control. temperature while you are away. This may mean that you will return home with a higher energy bill, but your plants are more likely to survive when you return home.


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