How to Make Your Own Amiibo Tags for Sanrio Animal Crossing Instead of Paying a Reseller

Piracy and theft are bad. This is a matter of course. But I also think it’s crap when companies release limited edition items that can have a decisive impact on your gaming experience, but make them so rare that the only way to get one of them is to buy it from an unscrupulous seller.

In other words, this is 2021. It sucks that I can’t just go to Nintendo eShop and buy all the Hello Kitty characters and items I need for my Animal Crossing island. Fuck exclusives, especially exclusives tied to individual retailers (Target) and physical items (like those Amiibo trading cards) that resellers can now sell on eBay at astronomical prices .

When you are faced with a choice, whether you pay eight times more than the $ 6 Amiibo package, or piracy the damn thing yourself, well, the choice is yours. I will not judge you. I will also not show you where to get the special .BIN files containing the specified Sanrio Amiibo if you intend to do it yourself. However, once you get your hands on them, it’s easy to create your own NFC tags that you can use to import characters into your game.

First, you’ll need something that can write to NFC tags. If your phone has an NFC chip , you’re done. Otherwise, you will have to bring special equipment . I recommend choosing the first option, even if you have to ask around and borrow a friend’s phone. Don’t spend $ 40 on an NFC recorder for a process you won’t repeat as often.

From there, you need the app. On Android, I used the free TagMo app. (I have not tried it on iOS, but saw people high spoke about AmiiBot for 4 dollars . If you find a free solution, more opportunities for you.)

Next, you need NFC tags. I bought them on Amazon back when I was playing Animal Crossing : 11 stickers for $ 7. I hadn’t really planned on importing the tons, and I figured that was enough to supply my meager island with the villagers I needed. You can probably find cheaper tags in larger numbers; read the reviews to make sure the people using them aren’t having any problems. These tags, in particular, scored 4.8 out of 5 with 3,086 reviews (at the time of writing), so they were considered legitimate.

While they were sending, I dumped all Amiibo .BIN files to my android device. Anywhere in the file system is fine – I put mine in my Downloads folder so I don’t forget to delete them later when I’m done creating the NFC tags.

From there, it’s easy to create custom Amiibo NFC tags. Run the application and load the .BIN file for any Amiibo you want to create.

Writing the tag should be as easy as pressing a button and holding one of the blank NFC tags on your device. The process takes about a second and you should be able to hold the specified fake tag over your Nintendo Switch’s NFC reader in order to import the character into your Animal Crossing game. Let that quench your passion for Sanrio while you wait to replenish your physical cards – thereby restoring your Animal Crossing karma if you end up buying them.


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