How to Celebrate a Friend With Social Media Ads

When a friend does something remarkable, it is often accompanied by a formulaic response: congratulations via a text message or a FaceTime call followed by a post on a social network. It’s kind of a show of support, but deep down you can feel that you can – and should – do better.

Instead of posting on social media or sending a text message full of emojis, there are other options that might be more effective when driving home how excited and proud you are of someone.

Why texting, calling and screaming don’t cut it

Make no mistake, there is nothing wrong with the traditional and faster way of texting, calling, or posting Instagram Stories in honor of someone. Basically, you are sending someone a direct message (pun intended) that you are proud of them and their accomplishments.

One reason to avoid this, however, is that your holiday message will be inundated with a wave of similar competing holiday messages. Chances are, other friends of the person are also thinking about posting a congratulatory photo on Instagram or sending a text message with preliminary plans to have a drink or lunch sometime in the future. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but you can do something different to stand out, be more thoughtful, or just be more creative.

Consider a handwritten note

Want to convey a message that will remain in someone’s memory? Send them a physical copy of the note that they can put in the refrigerator. Handwriting something demonstrates the personal touch that social media posts lack. This is a testament to the real effort that can seem like a lack when it comes to the convenience and simplicity of capturing a text or composing a message.

Order dinner for them

This gesture indicates thoughtfulness, as you should know your friend’s favorite food or restaurant and actually order it to their home address. Nothing says congratulations like giving someone a real experience rather than a shout or a text message. He has a personal feel that doesn’t require the recognition inherent in so many social media posts – plus, everyone should eat.

Ask them to use Zoom … and have more people meet them there.

Call it a pandemic-era surprise party: Have a friend join the videoconference about ten minutes after you and a few other friends are already signed in – then boom, surprise party. You will likely find your friend overflowing with gratitude, possibly with tears in his eyes on the other end of the chat. Or not, it’s still a great way to show that there is a whole community of people ready to celebrate their triumphs.

Digital cards, especially those sent from the group

It’s hard to get multiple signatures on a physical letter and send them to someone at home, so try doing it digitally. There are great options like Kudoboard , which lets you put together a kind of digital whiteboard with different forms of media added by different people, all of which convey a message of congratulations.

Why is it important

Too often, friends are in subtle competition with each other. Sending congratulations, which requires sincere effort, turns this paradigm upside down. We must strive for this while we have a relationship worth developing.


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