Check Your Freezer for These Recalled Pasta

When you buy groceries at the grocery store, you are doing it with the confidence to say that it has been tested and therefore it is probably safe for you to eat. Of course, food production and marketing involves many different steps, each with its own potential for error, so there is always a chance that something will slip away. It is currently a frozen pasta made by Avanza Pasta, LLC., Based in Evanston, Illinois.

On Saturday, the company recalled about 2,237 pounds of meat and poultry pasta because it was, as the USDA’s Food Safety Service (FSIS) delicately put it, “produced without federal approval.” Here’s what you need to know about a recall, including the specific brands that were affected and where they were sold.

What is remembered

These are meat and poultry ravioli and tortellini produced between October 5, 2019 and March 12, 2021. In addition to its own product line, Avanza Pasta also produces frozen pasta for other brands including Ambrosino’s, Conte De Savoia, Frank’s Deli, Frankie’s Deli, Gene’s, Nature’s Best, Prisco’s Family Market, Tony’s Italian Deli & Subs, Vesuvio Bakery & Deli and other.

The recalled pasta was shipped to restaurants, distributors and retail outlets in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, according to FSIS. Here is a complete list of the products included in the recall, including their expiration date and expiry date. To make it easier to inspect your freezer compartment, FSIS has compiled this document with labels for all pasta to be recalled.

What to do if you have these foods

The good news is that there are still (or at least as of Saturday, March 20th ) no confirmed reports of anyone getting sick from consuming these untested pastes. However, if you have eaten any of the listed ravioli and / or tortellini and are concerned about a reaction to that food, FSIS recommends that you contact your healthcare provider.

If you find that your freezer contains any of the pasta in question, do not eat it. Instead, either throw them away or return them to the place of purchase. Anyone with questions about the recall can contact Pavlos Lumbroukos, Operations Manager for Avanza Pasta, LLC, at (847) 584-2891.


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