How to Get Free Wings Every Time March Madness Goes Overtime

Whether you are interested in student basketball or not, you may be interested in keeping an eye on at least some of the results of this year’s tournament. That’s because every time a March Madness game goes into overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings is giving away free wings . Here’s what you need to know about this sports promotion and how to get your free chicken.

How to get free wings

The idea is pretty simple: when the March Madness game goes into overtime, you have the opportunity to earn some free boneless wings. To make this a reality, you’ll first need to become a Blazin ‘Rewards member if you haven’t already. Then, if / when March Madness goes into overtime, you must register with Buffalo Wild Wings or place an online order through the Blazin ‘Rewards program within 30 minutes of its ending.

But wait. What if you’ve already signed up to BWW to watch a game, or placed an order through Blazin ‘Rewards to enjoy basketball, and then the NCAA tournament match goes into overtime? Don’t worry, six free boneless wings will be delivered to your Blazin ‘Rewards account the next day.

The final game of March Madness will take place on April 5th, so there are several weeks of this promotion ahead. And obviously you don’t have to actually watch basketball, but since you really need to take action within 30 minutes of the game ending, you’ll want to set up some sort of news alert on your phone. Or you can ask someone who you know watches the games to text you when the game goes into overtime (if they don’t mind).

So what are the odds of getting free basketball wings? According to calculations in the Buffalo Wild Wings statement, “On average, almost four OT games have been played in the last 10 NCAA events.”


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