How to Find COVID Vaccination Locations on Apple Maps

While we can’t help you find your vaccination date – good luck considering how badly we organized the process and turned it into a kind of free procedure, akin to buying concert tickets, shoes, or GeForce 3080 cards – we can at least give you a helpful way. find out where you can get vaccinated in your area.

According to numerous reports, Apple Maps will now start showing you COVID vaccination locations. All you have to do is look in the COVID-19 Vaccines app, which should be one of the first results when you start typing.

Touch it and you will see all the places around you where there are vaccines. Click on any of them to find out their opening hours, as well as the “Learn More” or “Make an Appointment” link on their websites, which will hopefully help you get started in the excruciating process of getting your hand shot.

If you don’t feel like typing, you can also get the same results by asking Siri, “Where can I get the COVID vaccine?” Then you will need to click on “Open Maps” to open the app where you can see all the different vaccination locations near you.

If you don’t see any (or many) places nearby, don’t worry. Apple’s first approach to this question , based on data from VaccineFinder , includes about 20,000 locations. Apple plans to add more to Apple Maps over the next few weeks. Likewise, eligible companies that do COVID testing or vaccinations can provide their own information to Apple, which can then include an entry in Apple Maps as well.

In the meantime, be sure to include notification of COVID infection on your device (that may require, or may not require a separate application for uploading your state). While it seems that we are slowly moving towards victory over this disease, you should still take every precaution to stay safe. And if you only need to touch your iPhone a few times to do so, so much the better.


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