What’s New in Hulu in April 2021

There is a legend about cinema. A film with such a ridiculous twist, I dare not talk about it lest you make fun of yourself straight from this site, never to return. It is called wild mountain thyme . It will arrive in Hulu on April 25, and you should definitely try to watch it without knowing the finale in advance. Because it is really very stupid. (Do you know the twist at Serenity with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway? It’s even dumber.)

This may seem like a movie that you still want to see: it was written and filmed by John Patrick Shanley, Oscar-winning screenwriter “Moon Shot” and writer / director of the cult classic romkomy 80 “Joe Versus the Volcano”. It has many beautiful and respected people like Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan and Jon Hamm. It takes place in Ireland’s stunning hinterland and is filled with all the nature you can take. And while all this is a good reason to see the movie, it’s not the reason that you should watch this. The reason is in the turn. A dumb, dumb twist that the trailer doesn’t even hint about.

Whatever the case, there are other slightly (or significantly) less silly things coming to Hulu this month, from Jane Austen’s funny-looking comedyModern Persuasion (April 16) to a poorly-reviewed pandemic action movie (Songbird , 16 April) in the new season “The Handmaid’s Tales” (April 28). Everything else will arrive (and leave) the streaming service in April 2021.


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