Use This Bot Instead of Bookmarking Tweets

It is difficult to track individual tweets. According to TechJury, the social media platform sees an average of 528,780 new tweets every minute, so one or two updates are enough for this useful tweet to get lost in the digital abyss. Sure, you can bookmark the tweet or add to your favorites to view it later, but how often do you actually view your old favorites and bookmarks? And even if you do, chances are you have fallen in love with hundreds – even thousands – which will make it difficult for you to go through them all to find something that you would like to keep in 2018.

Fortunately, there is a Twitter bot called RemindMe_OfThis that helps you memorize tweets with minimal effort. Twitter user @theshalvah created a bot and programmed it to automatically remind users of a tweet when it is tagged. It can remind you at any length of time – a few minutes, a week, a year, or more – and yes, it does work.

How to create reminders RemindMe_OfThis

You’ve most likely seen other users flag RemindMe_OfThis in streams they want to save for later, but we’ll show you how to use it if you’re unfamiliar.

  1. To set up an automatic reminder, reply to the tweet and check RemindMe_OfThis. Turn it on if you want to be reminded. For example: “@RemindMe_OfThis remind me of this in 1 week.”
  2. The bot will respond to confirm that the reminder is scheduled. You can also reply again to cancel.
  3. The bot will send you a tweet after the specified time. It will show up in your Twitter notifications and in the RemindMe_OfThis feed. Please note that RemindMe_OfThis tweets are public, so others can see who the bot is tweeting with and why.

Use RemindMe_OfThis as an Application

While you can customize RemindMe_OfThis simply by interacting with your Twitter account, you get more functionality if you add RemindMe_OfThis as a bundled app. You will still set up reminders in the same way, but you can update or cancel tweets with upcoming reminders in the app settings. You can also enable push notifications in your browser when RemindMe_OfThis tweets you.

To add the app to Twitter, go to and click Sign In, then sign in to your Twitter account. This gives RemindMe_OfThis access to certain profile information, but the privacy policy and source code of the application is available for viewing on the official website if you’re wondering how it uses your information.

Once an app is connected to your Twitter profile, you can access its settings at or by going to Settings & Privacy> Security & Account Access> Apps & Sessions> Connected Apps “>” RemindMe_OfThis “ on Twitter.


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