Use FPS Boost to Improve Legacy Games on Xbox Series X / S

Backward Compatibility Is One Of The Best Xbox Series X Features | S. Not only can you play nearly all games from every previous Xbox on the new system, you can also get visual enhancements that make them look and work better than ever.

One of these graphical enhancements is the new “FPS Boost” mode. Microsoft says this setting “uses a variety of new techniques to nearly double (and in some cases quadruple) the original frame rate for selected titles.” Higher frame rates make in-game visuals smoother and can make gameplay more responsive.

FPS Boost Launches As Part Of Upcoming Xbox Series X Bar Update | S this spring. However, this feature will be added on a per-game basis through an additional software patch. The first five games with FPS Boost support:

  • Far cry 4
  • New super lucky’s tale
  • Sniper Elite 4
  • Ufc 4
  • Watch Dogs 2.

Microsoft says more games will support FPS Boost in the coming months. Since the fixes are done by Microsoft engineers and not by the original game development teams, we hope more games will be added continuously. The company prioritizes titles based on popularity and availability, and many will be available through Xbox Game Pass.

Once it’s available, you can enable FPS Boost from the games and apps screen. Highlight a game in your library, then click the Options button to control the program. Select Compatibility Menu and enable FPS Boost if available. Other backward compatibility improvements such as Auto-HDR will also be moved to this menu. You can check if FPS Boost is enabled during gameplay by pressing the Xbox button to open the overlay.

FPS Boost frame rate increases are game and console dependent. For example, UFC 4 runs at 60fps on Series with FPS Boost enabled, while New Super Lucky’s Tale runs at 120fps on Series S and X. These are the only specific examples Microsoft has provided in its announcement.

Of course, you also need a TV or monitor that can actually display the improved frame rate. 120Hz displays are not uncommon, but many TVs are still limited to 90 or 60Hz. However, if the original frame rate of the game is lower than your TV, the FPS Boost feature should make the gameplay smoother, even if you can’t see the full effect.


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