Use Bluetooth Tags to Track Your Shit

Samsung recently announced a pair of tiny battery-powered dongles called SmartTags to help you keep track of important items.

These keyfob-like devices last several months on battery power and communicate with Samsung phones via Bluetooth. Clip them to your keychain, pet collar, backpack, purse – actually anything you can attach the keychain to. If it ever goes missing , you can use the Samsung SmartThings Find app to find it . This works even if you are disconnected from SmartTag; tags are sent from nearby Samsung devices using encrypted connections, anonymously telling SmartThings Find where they are. They may even make noise to help you locate them.

Samsung has announced two types of SmarTag: SmartTag and SmartTag Plus. While both can help you track and locate items, they have different functions.

  • SmartTag: Basic SmartTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy. This is the same type of wireless Bluetooth headphone used to sync with your phone. While this means that you can connect your SmartTag to any Galaxy smartphone and that any nearby Samsung devices can be used to triangulate its location, you will only be able to see the approximate distance to the tag in the SmartThings Find app; it will not lead you directly to the missing items.
  • SmartTag Plus: The more advanced SmartTag Plus communicates using ultra-wideband (UWB) signals. The only Samsung devices that support UWB connections are the Note 20 Ultra and the upcoming Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. However, users will be able to see exactly where SmartTag Plus is located. The SmartThings Find app will even include AR-based routes to help you find the missing SmartTag Plus – a bit like a waypoint marker in a video game.

Apart from differences in technical support and device support, the two smart tags differ in price and availability.

SmartTag Bluetooth Low Energy is already available . It costs $ 30 for one, or you can buy them in packs of two (for $ 50) or four (for $ 85) at a slight discount. Samsung is also shipping one free SmartTag with all Galaxy S21 smartphones for a limited time.

SmartTag Plus will launch a little later in 2021 and will cost $ 40 for one or $ 65 for two.

The new smart tags can be a handy addition for Galaxy phone users. However, users of non-Samsung iOS or Android phones should look into Tile tags if you are looking for a similar product that is compatible with your device.

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