How to Get 2FA Tips in Dark Mode on Your Android

Slowly but surely, every service we use is adding a dark mode. This gradual rollout is disappointing for those of us who just want a darker version of everything we do without waiting, but it will. The latest version of the Android service to see widespread adoption is a two-factor authentication request for Google services on Android. You know what I’m talking about – whenever you log into your Google account on a new computer (or on your regular computer after deleting browser cookies), you are prompted to confirm the request on your Android device if you have previously installed this feature in the security settings .

Your invitation will look like this:

Note that mine has already entered dark mode. I mention this as I haven’t done a single thing for my Android in over a week – no OS or app updates. Damn it, I didn’t even turn it on. Google’s switchover seems to be done on the server side as it currently extends to personal accounts (but not workspace accounts yet, 9to5Google reports).

All you have to do to see the new screen is make sure your Android theme is flipped to dark mode. This is easy enough to do, but the exact steps may differ depending on which phone you are using. On my Pixel, this option is under Settings> Display> Dark Theme. Just press the switch to turn it on.

You can also tap on the option to turn dark mode on and off manually, or set a schedule for when you want your phone’s theme to be light or dark.

While Google’s change isn’t overwhelming, it’s just another way to darken your device. And, as always, it’s a great reminder to check your dark mode settings and tweak them the way you want them – even if that means giving up the dull look of the more uplifting if dark mode tires you a little.


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