What Is a “Mask-Corrector” and How to Use It?

The fit of your mask is critical. A recent CDC recommendation to start double masking was only partially concerned with layering. The second mask also improves the fit, Anthony Fauci said in an interview with the Today Show . And on the CDC advice there was one more tip related to fit: Consider using a mask mount tool, also known as a mask bracket.

Unlike mask brackets that go into your mask, the mask setter extends beyond your mask, pressing the material against your nose, cheeks, and chin. Unlike the second mask, it does not provide an additional level of filtering. You can use it to enhance the fit of any mask you are wearing, whether disposable or cloth. And as a bonus, they will prevent your glasses from fogging up.

They are made by several companies, and there are also DIY instructions if you’d rather create your own.

Mask fitters usually use straps around your head, leaving your ears free for your mask’s earloops. They are reusable as well, so you can have one or two mask installers to use with your entire wardrobe of masks.


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