Fitbit App Now Supports Blood Glucose Tracking

With the latest app update (to be released in February), Fitbit now supports in-app blood glucose tracking for US users. Your fitbit device still cannot measure blood glucose; it is just tracking in the app which is new.

“[H] finding a place to track [blood glucose] along with your daily health behaviors such as activity, eating, sleeping or stress, as well as other biometrics such as weight, can be extremely valuable to study. new strategies and help to better manage your health. , ”Fitbit reports on its blog, announcing the new feature.

Tracking blood glucose is useful for people with diabetes or certain other medical conditions. The new feature does not replace a doctor’s consultation; the idea is to help you recognize patterns that link glucose levels with food intake, activity level, and sleep.

If you’re already using the OneTouch Reveal app with your meter, Fitbit can now import readings from that app. Otherwise, you will have to manually record your blood glucose reading. You can customize the app to remind you of this, including sending reminders directly to your Fitbit.

If you have a Fitbit Premium subscription ($ 9.99 per month), you should be able to see how your levels hit the target range over the past 30 days. You will also be able to list your glucose levels on health reports to share with healthcare providers.

Several more updates are coming out at the same time. US users will now be able to track ECG readings on Fitbit Sense and get SpO2 (blood oxygen) readings right on their wrist on the Charge 4.

The Health Metrics panel, previously only available for Sense and Versa 3, is now available for Versa 2, Inspire 2, and Charge 4. Free users can see 7 days of data, while only premium users get 30 days. …


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