Get Anonymous Feedback on Everything With ‘Tusk’

It is difficult to ask your friends, colleagues and loved ones for their opinions. Feedback on its own can be intimidating – it’s usually hard to hear honest, outspoken criticism of something we’ve done (or ourselves), especially if people on the other end of the line are saying bad things about it. It doesn’t have to be offensive; he needs to feel supported.

However, the first step is to get that feedback to begin with, and a simple email to your friends or coworkers is probably not the best way to do this, especially if you’re worried they won’t give you an honest picture for fear of hurting you. the senses.

To work around this problem, visit the Tusk website , short for Thought You Should Know. This is a free way to quickly create a temporary website that you can use to get feedback from anyone else. You enter a name – technically a subdomain – and provide some kind of description for the feedback you want to receive.

Once you give other people a link to your custom domain, they’ll see the same little feedback form. When they use it for constructive criticism, everything they share will be completely anonymous – no IP addresses, emails, or names are logged. Of course, the specific feedback they give may not be anonymous if they mention details that only a small group of people or one person might know; but technically anything submitted to this little feedback site is not tracked.

Those with whom you share the page will have three days to give their opinion on when you launched it. After that, the criticism will end. You will want to view your review on the third day, because once the site is gone, everything :

Everything you see in the browser is what is stored in the database, nothing more. After 3 days, all data for the domain (domain name, description, reviews) will be permanently deleted.

In addition, anyone who submits a review will be able to read the reviews of others. It will either help to awaken the memories of those you ask for their opinion, or it will create a giant ruthless canine bunch of fun. Hope you experience the former. And yes, this is a live link, so enjoy the ruthlessness for the next few days. I probably won’t check it; I only read Kinji’s comments.


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