After Breaking Up, Do 10 Things Your Partner Won’t Do to You

If you’ve recently freed yourself from the clutches of a relationship that prevented you from doing things that brought you joy and satisfaction, then you may want to check out a line from this Reddit thread . It asks you to do 10 things your ex wouldn’t do to you after a particularly tough breakup so that you can regain your true share of who you are.

While it may seem crazy to lose sight of what makes you you , it is possible that taking a break from the life of a former significant other will make you feel a little lost. Here’s how you can actively try to restore that self-esteem.

Start small

In a bad relationship, it can feel like you’re walking on eggshells around your partner, sometimes provoking their anger over seemingly minor violations. If you have overcome your emotional outburst and want to start enjoying your newfound independence, you can express it in subtle ways. Did your partner insist on making your bed every morning? Leave it dirty if you like. Will you be scolded for burping during lunch? Belching with passion. Were they adherents of socks on earth? Leave them wherever you want.

It’s important to articulate your personality clearly so that you can start feeling comfortable enough to think about taking it one step further. Of course, there is no reason to fall back on bad, self-destructive habits just because there is no one to control you. But it’s true that using your freedom against your ex’s wishes can make you feel empowered.

While it is true that people in healthy relationships can irritate each other, it is well known that toxic relationships prevent people from being who they are.

Do what they would never do

Wouldn’t your ex-partner ever go on such a big outdoor vacation because he was too busy with work? Plan your trip alone if you feel like it. If you’ve had a partner who hasn’t betrayed your love of roller coasters, go to a theme park after the pandemic has settled.

Bad partners tend to sabotage their loved ones’ attempts to enjoy life. Plus, it’s possible that what makes you happy is making them feel uncomfortable or nervous. If this breakup is about normal and healthy activities, go out and do what your ex refused to do with you. This is not a symbolic act of revenge, but a way to remember what makes you feel good.

Reclaim that sense of self to be a better partner in the future.

It is widely known that confidence is attractive , even to the point of being overkill and annoying. If an oppressive relationship has prevented you from expressing your self-esteem, your self-confidence has probably suffered. Doing things that will make you happy and make you feel better will only increase your sense of confidence, which in turn will make you more attractive to the next special person you meet. As long as you do not harm anyone, you should do what brings you joy, and no partner should stop you in this endeavor.


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