Where to Get Unity Wallpapers for IPhone, IPad and Mac

Continuing to celebrate black culture, Apple has released the new (and gorgeous) “Unity” wallpaper. This addition to Apple’s Black Unity collection comes with the launch of Apple’s Unity-style watch faces, Apple Watch and Apple Watch bands, which are now available for purchase from any Apple Store.

As a reminder, the Black Unity collection borrows colors from the Pan-African flag, emphasizing the “symbol that unites people across the African diaspora.” As Apple previously wrote when launching its new watch faces:

“Red represents the blood that unites the people of the African diaspora and is shed for their liberation. Black is for people whose lives are confirmed by the flag. And green is a symbol of the vibrant natural resources of Africa, the Motherland. “

The new Unity wallpaper is buried a bit on Apple’s website. To find them, open the Apple Watch page and click the Learn More link shown here:

The following screen will appear:

Scroll down and you will find links to wallpapers for Mac, iPad and iPhone. Click “Get Wallpaper” to download each one and then transfer them to your device however you want. (As a Windows user, I find it easiest to upload your wallpaper to the Photos app on icloud.com, but you can use any number of other methods.)

As a reminder, you can switch wallpapers on macOS by clicking the Apple logo in the upper left corner and choosing System Preferences> Desktop & Screen Saver .

On iOS / iPadOS, you need to open the Settings app and navigate to the section with the aptly named Wallpaper section. And yes, Apple only offers separate Unity wallpapers for each device. Those of you looking for a more appealing option – like dynamic wallpapers that change color depending on the time of day – will have to look elsewhere for backgrounds with similar themes. Or, you can also use the online tool to create different color-shifted versions of Unity wallpapers and then use the app to combine them into one dynamic background. This will do a little bit of work, but it will look amazing.


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