10 Free Demos From the Steam Game Festival

Less than 24 hours left until this year’s Steam Games Festival, a week-long event that showcases new and upcoming PC games available on the Steam store. There will be developer meetings, live streams and hundreds of free demos.

The event kicks off Wednesday, February 3rd and runs until Tuesday, February 9th (you can sign up for a reminder on the official Steam Game Festival website ).

The festival’s 500 game demos cover every genre you can think of, but we won’t know the full roster until the event kicks off. However, Valve has released several teaser videos that highlight a small selection of games for you to try out.

We looked at ten great games in this roundup, and we’ll be covering them in a minute, but they represent only a small fraction of the avalanche of demos dropped during the Steam Festival. If you want more recommendations, highlight Reels of Watch on Steam featuring the many action ,adventure , puzzle ,platformer ,strategy , RPG , andvisual new titles that will be available, and be sure to check out the Steam app and website throughout the event. to find and test new games released.


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