Add the Pan-African Flag to Your Apple Watch for African American History Month

Apple has released watchOS 7.3, which you need to install if you want to play with its new “Unity” watch face, which the company released in celebration of Black History Month. It’s actually one of three special editions that Apple makes as part of its Black Unity collection: a dial, custom Apple Watch Series 6 design, and a Black Unity sport band.

The latter two will be available in Apple Stores (online or elsewhere) on February 1st, but you can check out their designs here .

As for the face, it’s easy to customize after installing watchOS 7.3 . Just pull up the Clock app on your iPhone — which you also need to update to the latest operating system, iOS 14.4 — and click on the Face Gallery button at the bottom of the app. The new Unity face should be at the very top of your list.

Click on it and you can set one of three different color patterns – black, red / black / green or red / black / green / gold – and add up to two complications (date in the middle, and whatever you like at the bottom). As Apple points out, Unity’s complexions are important:

“This face is inspired by the colors of the Pan-African flag. Red represents the blood that unites the people of the African diaspora and shed for their liberation. Black is for people whose lives are confirmed by the flag. And green is a symbol of the vibrant natural resources of Africa, the Motherland. The shapes change as you move, creating a unique face for you. “

After making your changes, click the big Add button named Unity and the face will join your collection of active faces on your Apple Watch. Swipe left and right on the clocks to switch between them, or change their order (and availability) by launching the Clock app on iPhone again and clicking the Change button under My Faces .

Beyond that, watchOS 7.3 has a few other fun additions. Apple Fitness + has an optional Time to Go audio narration that we talked about earlier (which worked great in watchOS 7.2, but Apple is now officially promoting it as part of the watchOS 7.3 release). Apple also now allows residents in Japan, Mayotte, the Philippines, and Thailand to customize the ECG Watch app and receive irregular heart rate notifications.

And despite the fact that you are stuck in virtual chat rooms house, Apple also uses watchOS 7.3, to correct the error due to which the Control Center and Notification Center Watch stopped working when using Zoom.


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