Best New Features of Edge Chromium 88

The latest update for Edge Chromium, version 88, is finally out. This release adds many new features to the Windows and macOS versions of the browser, such as new password protection tools, an updated look and feel, and several quality of life improvements. That’s a lot, so we’ll go over everything new in Edge 88 and show you how to use it.

Password generator and security monitor

Edge 88 update notes are two important password features. First, it is a random password generator that automatically generates passwords whenever you create a new account or update an existing password. Edge saves your password and fills it in automatically, so you don’t have to remember it.

Another new password tool is automatic data leakage monitoring. Edge will cross-reference any stored login information with the latest data breaches and will alert you if it thinks any of your accounts have been compromised.

Both features require you to sign in to Edge with a Microsoft account and turn on password sync under Settings> Profile> Sync> Passwords. To enable the password generator:

  1. Go to Settings> Profile> Passwords.
  2. Turn on “Suggest saving passwords” and “Suggest strong passwords”.

Now, whenever you enter a new password, Edge prompts you to create one for you. Password monitoring is automatic and applies to all logins stored in Edge. You can find them under Settings> Profile> Passwords> Saved Passwords.

Sleeping tabs

Users can now configure inactive tabs to “go to sleep” after a specified amount of time. Edge stops checking sleep tabs in the background, which frees up your PC’s memory and CPU for use elsewhere. According to Bleeping Computer , this cuts inactive tab memory usage by an average of 32% and CPU usage by about 37%.

Users will see a toast notification prompting them to enable sleeping tabs to reduce the use of Edge resources, but you can tweak this setting in Settings> System> Save Resources . You can choose how long a tab should remain inactive before bed, or you can set specific websites to never go to bed.

Sidebar search

Now you can search the web without opening a new tab or leaving the page you are on. Just highlight a word, then right click> Search . A sidebar with search results will open.

New skins

Edge 88 also changes the look of the browser, including new “Fluent Design” interface icons to match other Microsoft products and over 24 new browser themes you can use to personalize the look of Edge.

Each theme has its own color scheme and wallpaper. Wallpaper selection includes images from Microsoft’s own video games like Halo, Forza, Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves and more; Wonder Woman 1984; and several original designs. You can preview and install them on the new Edge Add-ons page .

Other new features

Finally, there is a bunch of small tweaks, some of which were only available on certain platforms, but are now standard across all desktop versions of Edge:

To download the update to version 88, open Edge and go to Settings> About Microsoft Edge . The download will start automatically if available, although Microsoft says it may take up to two weeks for some users to receive it.


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