Keep Your Kids Engaged in a Real Treasure Hunt

In the early days of the pandemic, we rummaged through our homes looking for long-forgotten coloring books, dusty board games, and unfinished crafts – anything, anything, to keep young children busy on this longest rainy day in the world. … Soon I offered all kinds of strange techniques for parents , often associated with ice cream and fruit ice cream , and I’m not going to stop there when we need all the random ideas that can come up with a stranger online.

Today’s unusual advice comes in response to a Twitter plea from someone “asking a relative” how we should entertain young children at this stage of the pandemic – provided that this relative is not an idiot and has already tried useless suggestions like “puzzles” and “books “, that is:

What this relative needs to do, as at least one person on Twitter understands, is to start hiding cold, cash:

Another person agreed with this proposal, saying that sometimes she hides her daughter’s trinkets while she sleeps, or asks her to help find a lost item for her younger sister. But that seems a little more sinister than just sending them on a house-wide treasure hunt.

And depending on your age, you may not even need to go up to dollar bills; I think a four-year-old will have enough coins.


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