Does This Metal Bar of Soap Remove the Smell of Garlic Hands?

Spicy foods like onions and garlic love to leave a mark. They often lead to a very zesty pair of hands and onions, which I never mind, but some are deeply insulting. This appears to be the driving force behind Rub Away , the odor-absorbing stainless steel panel.

Historically, I have never been bothered by this particular issue – the soap seems to work well enough and the slightly lingering smell of garlic doesn’t particularly offend me. But I was still curious about the promise to get rid of the mitten smell, so I agreed to test the product with Joel on camera, as is our practice.

Spoiler alert: I don’t get it. Maybe Mrs. Meyer’s peppermint soap is particularly good at getting rid of stubborn odors, but Rub Away doesn’t work better than a mint-scented surfactant. To be honest, I’m puzzled by the rave reviews, although intrigued by those who claim it finally solved their body odor problem, as well as by the lady who said it got rid of the ” dead mouse odor “. (I’m not surprised, however, that it didn’t work for this mechanic , as it is supposed to work by binding to sulfur, which, as far as I know, is not found in gasoline.)

I’m not going to tell you what Joel thought about Rub Away – which I want to call “Rub Off” all the time – because you need a reason to watch the video. However, I’ll leave you with that: a few hours later, after Joel and I said goodbye and I closed my laptop for the day, I smelled garlic while reading the book. Normally, this would not bother me – as I mentioned (twice), the aroma of garlic is not disagreeable to me. But lies and deceit? This is what I call an insult, and in this sense, this metal rod offended me.


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