Waffle This Viral Tortilla Hack

I swear I’ve been off the internet for about nine days and almost miss my viral cooking trick . (I promise I will never take a break again.) But even if I may be the last person to see this popular tortilla folding video, I think I could be the first to shake the tortilla after folding it.

Even without the chatter, this is a pretty good little hacker. It distributes the filling evenly, so you can taste everything in one bite. This creates a neat little package and the fillings stay inside the tortilla throughout the entire meal. I highly recommend it as a wrapping config.

You can heat it in a variety of ways. Fry it in a skillet, fry it, or crush it in a panini press. As myself, I cooked mine in a waffle iron and it went well.

I prepared the tortilla by making one cut from the center to the edge. I then filled my wrap with the remaining poached chicken (seasoned with a little Caldo de Tomate ), chopped mushrooms (which I made into waffles first), grated mozzarella, and a small handful of arugula, placing each ingredient in its own little quadrant. (If I did it again, I would add some mayonnaise or some other sauce, probably in the mushroom and chicken sectors.)

Then I wrapped it all up, starting with putting the chicken on top of the mushrooms, then folding that piece over the cheese and ending by folding it all over the arugula. Then I greased it with butter and waffled it in a waffle iron over medium to high heat until it was like this.

It was a nice little lunch and a great way to get leftover food out of the fridge. The only thing that worries me about this packaging style is that it reduces the amount of tortilla being exposed to direct heat, which in turn reduces the amount of crunchy real estate, but that’s not the biggest deal. Also, don’t overfill the quadrants, or your little bag will no longer be neat and tidy, which is part of the appeal of this preparation method.

When it comes to fillings, there are no rules or restrictions. Breakfast wraps like the ones featured in the TikTok video are an obvious choice (just don’t overcook the eggs), but don’t be afraid to get weird and stuff your leftover bolognese, curry, or fried rice. You can also roll the ingredients before placing them in their designated quadrants, as I did with the mushrooms. I tried the SPAM / Bolognese / American Cheese configuration (both meats were waffles) but couldn’t get a picture of it. It tasted good though – take my word for it.


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