Find the Perfect Color Palette for Your Skin Tone, Hair Color and Eye Color With This Tool

One of the biggest challenges when shopping for clothes online – aside from arbitrary sizing – is figuring out if a particular color will look good for you. Of course, you probably have one or two matching colors: shades that you’ve been told you like. And this is great! (Although we should point out that relying on this method is not always the best idea, because people often have different opinions about what “looks good.”) But there is another option: a free app and a website that will find yours. the perfect color palette for you. Here’s how to use it.

A brief history of finding your color palette

The idea of ​​considering your skin tone, hair color, and eye color when choosing clothes and makeup is not new at all. It began with color theory in the 1920s, was taken up by the costume designers of Old Hollywood, and continued to gain traction in the 1960s and 1970s. (To learn more , read this article on Jezebel .)

But clothing using a color palette that’s right for you went mainstream in 1980 when Carol Jackson’s book Color Me Pretty was published. Her system really went viral – eventually including quizzes ,videos, and multilevel marketing (MLM).

You may have had the pleasure of attending a Color Me Beautiful party at someone’s home, where a consultant draped fabric over your shoulder to help you determine if you are in summer, winter, spring, or fall. Anyway, this is the general concept of the app and website, but without the MLM pitfalls.

How to use

We first learned about from the Recomendo newsletter : the source of many great hacks. You can use the service through their website or by downloading their app . Just take a selfie with just your face, upload it to the site, and then work with guidelines (and your own preferences) to find a color palette that won’t leave you wan or sickly.

Aside from this, the app has tons of other features, such as scanning a piece of clothing – what you already own and love – and determine its exact color so you can find something comparable when shopping online.


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