Personalize Your Kids Coloring Book

Coloring books are a classic gift for young children. And, of course, a young child in your life might love a book full of Daniel the Tiger characters or action- packed scenes with masked characters. But children often taste more eclectic than that – they love a wide range of characters, shows, films, activities and interests. Then, as one mother brilliantly decided, you can make a custom coloring book.

If you have young children, you’ve probably already printed free coloring pages as needed at home . But you can enhance your kid’s coloring with this idea, which comes from a mom who called the One Bad Mother podcast to share her “genius moment of the week” for her four-year-old:

He likes a bunch of very little known … TV shows and characters and has all these varied interests and it’s hard to find coloring books for what interests him. But there are tons of free coloring pages that you can download online, but I don’t have a home printer. So I got a thought: let’s just make a document with all the different coloring pages that I can find for free on the internet, and I emailed them to a local print shop, and I printed them out and … spiral bound [in] a custom book coloring book for my four year old child.

This mom says making the book to order was cheaper than buying a finished coloring book, which can often cost $ 6-7 a piece. And finding free coloring pages online is as easy as searching for ” free (enter your character here) coloring pages .”

Download the pages, compile them into one print-ready file, and send it to print. The best and cheapest option is to find a local print shop where you can pick it up in person when it’s ready. If that’s not an option, a service like FedEx Office can print the book and send it to you, although this will be more expensive when you factor in shipping costs.

Either way, make sure you choose a spiral binding or another type of binding that will allow the book to lie flat when you color in.


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