Our Best Hangover Cures, Conveniently Located in One Place

Does your head hurt this morning? What about a fuzzy mouth, bouts of nausea, and / or excruciating worry about what you said or did last night? As we learned throughout 2020, just because we no longer go to bars, restaurants and other gatherings like we used to do, it doesn’t mean that alcohol will be kinder to your body or mind. (At the very least, it saves you the extra cost of the ride home since you’re already there.)

If you are feeling a little sore this morning and are looking for a hangover cure, know that there really aren’t any real cures backed by science . But there are strategies for dealing with unpleasant symptoms that can make you feel better, or at least more comfortable, while things go away. Here are some methods from the Lifehacker archives.


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