9 Light Snacks to Enjoy on New Years Eve at Home

New Years Eve is usually one of my favorites. I can drink drinks, eat snacks and dance with friends, but this year is (obviously) different – no one should be participating in this last event (dance), so I recommend everyone to do the snacks diligently . It may sound like I’m telling you to “put all your energy into making snacks,” but I am not. I tell you to make some low-effort snacks to save precious energy in eating them.

As you probably guessed, I have a few suggestions on this. I suggest picking a couple of the following that you like and then complementing your appetizer buffet with cold cuts, cheese and fruit, or perhaps caviar with potato chips and crème fraîche if you like. We may not be able to dance the night away with a glass of champagne in hand, but we can say goodbye to this terrible year by gorging ourselves on sumptuous snacks.


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