What to Do If You Let Your Animal Crossing the Island Go to Hell

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the games that saved our minds in 2020 , but not everyone plays it every day. Maybe you’ve found something else to play with on your Switch, or you’re just tired of your day-to-day chores – and that’s okay! But you may notice that your island looks a little different when you return.

Unlike other video games, taking time away from Animal Crossing has in-game implications. None of them are serious, but the list of chores and missed special events gets longer if you spend too much time between visits. Coming back to the unkempt island can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first Animal Crossing game, but we’ll show you everything you need to do to get your village back in order.

Check your friends

The first thing many socially minded players will do is chat with friendly villagers they haven’t seen in a long time. Someone will be glad to see you, and someone will be upset because you have been away for so long. They may even threaten to leave if they are unhappy with the state of the city. But don’t worry, you can get their love back by fulfilling requests, giving them gifts, and cleaning up the island. Be sure to drop by everyone to see if they have news that matters to you or if they have special needs that they need to satisfy.

Crush these cockroaches

If you have not been here for over a month, you will notice that several creepy cockroaches have moved into your island home while you were away. These little creatures are not harmful, but they are definitely ugly. You can step on them to get rid of them, but be sure to look under your furniture to make sure no one is hiding. Your villager will say, “All pesky cockroaches REMOVED! I feel much better now! “Once you delete them all.

City maintenance

Now that your home is uprooted, your island landscape needs attention. While you are away, algae, fossils and shells accumulate. It will take some time to get everything in order, but additional shells will come in handy for crafting, and you can transfer any fossils you find to Owl Blathers.

Catch up with your mail

Just like in real life, mail is delivered daily at Animal Crossing . They’re delivered even when you’re not playing, so take a few minutes to sort out your emails and packages – just be aware that you may not receive all of your mail.

Your peasant’s mailbox can store a maximum of 300 messages at a time. If you’ve been away for months with a full inbox, you might even have lost some mail that couldn’t be delivered, including gifts from friends or special unique items that only appear once. year. Unfortunately, these missed items cannot be recovered (unless you resort to time travel).

Look for special events

The Animal Crossing games have their own seasonal calendar with special holidays and festivals held only once a year. These limited-time special events include unique items and upgrades for your city, such as snowy weather on Toy Day. These events won’t be available if they disappear, but if you’re lucky you might just bump into one when you load the game again. Look at every inch of your city to see if anything has changed.

Now I don’t recommend playing the game every day because of FOMO – there are many other games to play, hobbies to do, and important life events that are more important than Animal Crossing – however there are many online resources to be Keep up to date with important upcoming seasonal events in New Horizons, or help you predict random events on your island such as meteor showers, weather or fluctuations in the Stalk Market so you don’t miss out.


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