No, You Cannot Track Who Is Watching Your Instagram.

We all want to know who is hiding on our social media profiles, but the truth is, none of the major social media platforms will allow you to access this information, even if you are a verified user.

Regardless, there is an endless list of third-party Instagram apps that promise:

  • Shows whether another user has searched for you.
  • Track which users have viewed your profile recently.
  • Make a list of followers who see your posts, even if they don’t comment or like.

To make it clear that there is no way a third party application can find this information for you. It is in no way tracked that users or the applications they install can access.

However, these fake browser apps and extensions look convincing. Here’s why: They can populate your “recent views” with randomly generated lists of real accounts that are updated every time you update the app. It’s a clever trick, but a trick nonetheless. These views are unrealistic.

If an app or browser extension claims to be able to show you who is viewing your Instagram profile or tracking your posts, that is a lie. Don’t download it and uninstall any similar apps you’ve tried. Depending on how badly viewed crappy app is, it could track and sell your data, flood you with ads, or infect your device with malware. And even if he is completely innocent, he will not do anything useful.

The only way to know if someone has seen your Instagram post is if they liked it or if they commented on it or if they mentioned it personally. Yes, you can obviously see who viewed your Instagram Stories , but this is different from a regular Instagram post .

Some apps may warn you when someone unsubscribes from you. However, this is different from “tracking” whoever views your profile because your subscriber list is always available to you; these apps simply alert you to changes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Of course, LinkedIn Premium users can get a snapshot of how often their account has appeared in search results and a list of who checked their profile if they’re willing to pay for it. But there are no such features on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook, and no matter what it promises, no app can banish your stalkers and secret admirers.

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