How to Watch “A Christmas Carol” for Free, Even Without a Cable

For some, watching a year (or 12) of A Christmas Carol is a holiday tradition. This classic film gives viewers a glimpse into what the holidays were like in the good old days, when people understood the true meaning of Christmas: kids deserve to get the firearms they crave. Just kidding – it’s satire! At least this was part of an article by Sam Cashner in a 2016 Vanity Fair article :

So when A Christmas Carol premiered in 1983, we suddenly had a new kind of holiday film that recognized – even enjoyed – “unbridled greed,” commercialism, disappointment, resentment and all kinds of bad luck, which, in fact, often define the fun time of the year. In other words, what real Christmas was like in real families. It brought an invigorating burst of satire and realism, encapsulated in a hilarious, impeccable tale of a middle-class family overcoming the dangers of Christmas while remembering through the eyes of a nine-year-old boy.

And with soft focus, warm colors, and vintage backdrop designs, A Christmas Carol is a worthy, atmospheric movie to watch in the background while you cook, open gifts, or do other chores during the holidays. …

How to watch “A Christmas Carol” via cable

This year, like so many others before, TBS cable channel will begin airing “A Christmas Carol” at 8:00 pm ET on Thursday, December 24, and will air it over and over (12 times to be exact) for 24 hours. If you have the TBS app , you can watch it there as well (although you’ll need someone’s info to log in via cable).

And don’t worry, there is an option with a backup cable: TNT will also broadcast “A Christmas Story” 24/7 starting at 9:00 pm ET on Thursday, December 24th. (Plus the TNT app .) Plus, cable costs money and isn’t available to everyone, so we’ll move on to ways to watch the holiday classics for free.

How to watch “A Christmas Carol” without a cable

People without cable shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity: there are other ways to watch a 37-year-old movie. The first is the Internet Archive, where you can not only watch the movie for free, but also the 1994 film-taped version , which includes the original commercials that aired on TBS.

If you happen to subscribe to Hulu Live or Sling , you will be able to catch TBS and TNT marathons through the streaming service. If you don’t have any of these streaming services and haven’t used up your free trial periods for all of them yet, this is another way.

It can also be rented for $ 3.99 from Amazon Prime Video , Google Play Movies , Vudu , iTunes, orYouTube .


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