When to Remove the Tree

If only the holidays lasted all of the winter months – twinkling lights and Christmas cookies would make the cold and darkness so much more bearable. For this reason, I once left my tree before March – I know, I know, and I am the first to admit that it was a terrible idea. But when is the best time to film your tree?

Living trees live for about four weeks.

Freshly cut trees can last four to five weeks if properly cared for. If you purchased a pre-pruned tree, your tree may last at the shorter end of this range. A freshly cut tree can last longer than five weeks if properly watered . Dry trees can easily catch fire and spread throughout your home, so it is very important to cut the tree down before it dries. If watering the Christmas tree wasn’t at the top of your list, be sure to remove the tree within four weeks of placing it.

Celebrate New Years Eve by removing the Christmas tree

If you have an artificial tree, drying out is certainly not a problem. So the choice of the date depends on other factors. Some people think that leaving the tree after the New Year is unfortunate . Take down your tree on December 31st, before midnight, so as not to carry the misfortune from the old year to the new. (If you believe in this kind of thing.)

Take down your tree on Three Kings Day

According to some Christian traditions, jewelry should be removed on Twelfth Night or Epiphany , also known as Three Kings Day. The twelve days of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day, and Twelfth Night, also known as Three Kings Day, falls on January 6th. Baptism celebrates the day three wise men brought gifts to Jesus in a manger. In the tradition of the Latin language, El Dia De Los Reyes is an annual celebration (usually with a nativity scene). After the festival, the tree and decorations are removed.

Do like the queen of England

Her Majesty, the Queen of England, leaves the Christmas tree until 6 February in honor of her father’s passing. George VI died in 1952 when Queen Elizabeth II was 25 years old. To this day, she marks his passing by holding on to holiday decorations until the anniversary of his death.

Follow a tree recycling schedule in your area

Natural wood cannot be thrown away with regular waste; instead, tree removal procedures will be scheduled in your city. In New York, every year for one week held ” Mulchfest “, during which you can bring your old tree in a local park and see how it cut. Otherwise, if you do not have your own wood shredder, you will need to deliver the wood on the specified date or take it to a tree disposal site. Find pickup dates and disposal locations in your area and plan the removal of holiday decorations accordingly.


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