The Main Items That We Got Until 2020

In 2020, we bought a lot of new things: toilet paper, workout subscriptions, starter cultures and masks that go with any outfit.

Then there were the purchases that will stay with us even after this awful, awful, bad year finally ends. Here is a selection by our staff of individual items that they received prior to 2020.

Jordan Calhoun, Associate Editor

Jordan has played a lot of video games since becoming a couch potato and recommends his PlayStation Plu subscription. For a monthly or yearly fee, you get two new PS games per month. It might have seemed like too many games when you had other things to do, but right now it’s correct: the exact amount of time it takes to play one game, then another, and then select two new ones.

Joel Cunningham, Managing Editor

Joel has been on the road a lot since we gave up flying, but his old car doesn’t have Bluetooth (or even an extra cable). Thus, this FM transmitter allows him to connect his phone to a car radio for long journeys. Now he has no excuse to tell his kids that they can’t listen to the Frozen 2 soundtrack on repeat.

Aisha Jordan, staff writer

Do you know how literally everything hurts? Not only emotionally, but your back, neck and wrists from working at the dinner table for nine months. This is why Aisha recommends Theragun Mini to relieve all muscle aches and pains.

Megan Walbert, Parenting Editor

Remember the days when we were all trying to get our hands on the home workout equipment? Well, Megan had the foresight to buy the gym equipment before March. The compact elliptical trainer allows her to burn calories while working from home and overeating Schitt’s Creek.

Sam Blum, staff writer

Sam, like the rest of us, has spent a lot more time preparing meals at home this year. that’s why he supports this Lodge Dutch Oven Combo Stove . The cast iron skillet comes with a lid that also works as a skillet. It is safe for the oven or on the hikes (since we don’t fly to any exotic now) and is easy to clean .

Beth Skorecki, Senior Health Editor

While most of us bought a set of 5-pound dumbbells and a yoga mat, Beth went a little further: she bought an Olympic bumper bar that allowed her to recreate her weightlifting gym experience on her own driveway.

Claire Lower, Senior Nutrition Editor

We all know how Claire appreciates a good bath . The suction cup inflatable bathtub pillow helps her to relax and try to get rid of all the terrible memories of the past 365 days.


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