The Best New Features and Fixes in IOS 14.3

iOS and iPadOS 14.3 are here and they seem to be safe to download. At least I haven’t noticed any major reports that the update is causing the iPhone to crash on the left and right, but it’s still a little early. If you’re unsure, or foaming at your mouth to grab some of the features it brings to your iPhone – more on that in a moment – maybe give iOS / iPadOS 14.3 a few more days to be super – sure of that …

Yes, it’s sad that I am now forced to disclaim responsibility for updates, but it seems to me that this is the nature of devices lately: you are just one bad update from a terrible experience, so you can wait for others to fully update. check it out before dealing with it.

Anyway, iOS 14.3 has some pretty useful features. Here’s a quick overview of our favorites – big and small – and how to get started with them. Going forward, I’ll just write iOS 14.3, but I know I’m also talking about the updated iPad operating system.

Elimination of errors, errors and other errors

We’ll start first with the least attractive and most important feature: fixes. iOS 14.3 comes with a number of security and bug fixes for iOS 14-related issues, including (hopefully) fixing any issues you’re experiencing with wireless charging on your new iPhone 12 (or variants). The bugs Apple encountered in iOS 14.3 include:

– Some MMS messages may not be received

– Contact groups were not showing members when composing a message

– Some videos were displayed incorrectly when published from the Photos application.

– Application folders may not open

– Spotlight search results and opening apps from Spotlight may not work.

– Bluetooth may not be available in settings

Charger the MagSafe Duo the Charger can charge your iPhone wirelessly with a capacity lower than the maximum.

– Wireless accessories and peripherals using the WAC protocol may not complete the setup

– Keyboard disappears when adding list to Reminders when using VoiceOver.

Again, this is not the most exciting list, which is worth staring at, but it is important if you are experiencing any of the iOS 14 serious mistakes, including the recent one, which will not start notification of new text messages. They’ll arrive fine, but your phone won’t tell you that there is something new to look at, so you most likely won’t see it for a while.

Apple Fitness + and AirPods Max support

Simply put, you need iOS / iPadOS 14.3 if you want to participate in the new Apple Fitness + subscription platform or if you want to use your new AirPods Max headphones with your iPhone or iPad. That’s all. End of story. I don’t have the latter, as do many people, based on shipping delays, so I can’t tell you about any of the other features yet, but I suspect that whatever you do to customize the AirPods Max to your liking will be the same. as with setting up some AirPods Pro:

Be sure to try the spatial sound !

As for Apple Fitness +, Lifehacker’s Beth Skwarecki drew attention to this yesterday. I recommend you read her Fitness + setup guide and see what you get from Apple’s $ 9.99 / month subscription:

The HIIT Workout for Absolute Beginners lives up to the first part of its name, a gentle 30-second series of exercises that I would happily recommend to anyone new to exercise. (Most of the HIIT workouts you’ll see online are not really high intensity intervals, and neither are they.)

I also did the first few minutes of a reggaeton dance workout that was easy to follow and had good moderate intensity.

The Burn Bar shows how your effort compares to other people who have done the same workout. (If you agree, the app will send your level of effort to become part of the data that future users will be compared against.) At the end of the workout, you will see the elapsed time, calories and heart rate, and you will have the option to exit or perform one of the “mindful restores “application.

How to enable ProRAW

Apple’s new trendy format for photography enthusiasts is here. To use it, you need iOS 14.3 and an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. To turn it on, go to Settings> Camera> Formats and turn on Apple ProRAW under Capture Photos .

Keep in mind that this is probably not the setting you want to use for a casual photo. Not only will your file sizes be huge, but these uncompressed images will be tricky to deal with unless you’re using an app that supports them. Many people do this , but do not expect to be able to accidentally edit all the properties of ProRAW files in, say, Google Photos.

Optimized apps with customizable shortcuts

Remember all those weird iPhone backgrounds people created using shortcuts with customizable icons to launch apps? iOS 14.3 introduces a small tweak to this process. Now, instead of quickly launching a shortcut screen, which then launches the corresponding application, custom shortcuts launch the application directly. It’s fast, solid, and just what you need if you’ve worked hard to give your iPhone a unique, personal touch.

VO2 Max measurements

If you have an Apple Watch paired with your iPhone, you can now track your VO2 max – or “cardio fitness,” as Apple calls it – through the Health app.

What the hell is VO2 Max? I’m glad you asked. As Beth wrote in August:

VO2max, correctly displayed VO2max is the maximum volume (V) of oxygen (O2) your body can use per minute during exercise, scaled to your body size because larger people will naturally consume more oxygen.

This is considered a good indicator of aerobic fitness because – remember your school biology – your body uses oxygen and food to create a useful form of chemical energy. The amount of oxygen is directly related to the amount of energy produced. Or, to put it simply, the more you work, the more oxygen you need.

Thus, a person who is in good aerobic fitness – say, an elite marathon runner – can do more work (run faster) than someone who does not. As a result, they will absorb a lot more oxygen per minute while running than, say, me.

And if you’re wondering how your personal VO2 levels stack up, there are plenty of charts for that too.

TV Application Settings

A brand new section in the TV app shows you all the original Apple apps (naturally). You can now also search by category, and search has been improved to show you results as you type and provide more relevant results.


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