How to Watch the Muppet Christmas Carol Online Series

Each year, my family follows a strict list of holiday events, including the rule that the Muppet Christmas Carol can only be viewed on Christmas Day, not earlier. A Muppet Christmas Carol is Jim Henson’s take on the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge’s transformation. With characters like Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat adding a hilarious mood to the retelling. Believe it or not, my family watched the movie on VHS for years until we finally switched to DVD and now we are finally streaming it. For those trying to keep the tradition alive this year, here’s how to watch Jim Henson’s online series A Christmas Carol with the Dolls.

Sign up for Disney +

If you don’t have a streaming service yet, sign up. The Muppet Christmas Carol and twelve other Muppet shows and films are available to stream at no additional cost (not to mention the hundreds of Disney and FOX programs). Disney streaming service costs $ 6.99 per month or $ 69.99 per year. However, keep in mind that Disney + will be raising prices in the coming months, so expect a $ 1 monthly subscription increase starting March 26, 2021 . You can always add a subscription to your Christmas list .

Use Disney + Group Hours

Disney’s “group viewing” feature allows subscribers to watch any Disney + game virtually with family and friends. When you select “group view” in the header, the site generates a link to share . Up to seven people can join , including the host, and up to four different profiles, so even if you’re on vacation away from your loved ones, you can still watch the Muppet Christmas carol with the whole family.

Rent from these platforms

Joining a new streaming platform is a monthly commitment and if you’d rather avoid it, you can rent The Muppet Christmas Carol online using the platforms mentioned below. I suggest buying the movie for $ 9.99 so you can show it any time of the year (just don’t tell your family).

  • iTunes, $ 2.99.
  • Amazon Prime Video, $ 2.99
  • YouTube, $ 3.99
  • Google Play Movies & TV, $ 3.99
  • Voodoo, $ 3.99.

You may notice that something is missing

If you’ve watched the movie since its release in theaters and on VHS, you may have noticed a section missing when upgrading to DVD. The beautiful ballad “When Love is Gone”, sung by Belle (Meredith Brown), Scrooge’s lost love, has been removed for a DVD release. Disney director Jeffrey Katzenberg at the time felt the song slowed the film down and was removed to better hold the children’s attention. The song is an integral part of Scrooge’s emotional arc and deserves a return (maybe we can petition Disney to return the original version), so complement the movie with a song available on YouTube to fully immerse yourself in the film’s atmosphere.


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