What Is Worth Writing on Holiday Cards This Year?

When I sat down to write holiday cards this year, I immediately ran into an obstacle: I wrote them in 2020. After we have had a year, how are you supposed to write a fun holiday message, toss it in a red envelope, put on a seasonal stamp, and stick it on the mail?

Right now, my usual mood is some version of Hope that your holiday is full of everything you love! – sounds more like a mockery than a sincere expression of good wishes for a merry holiday and a happy New Year.

In addition, I accidentally bought blank cards this year (because # 2020), meaning I couldn’t let the general lettering speak. So I turned to Google for help with what to write.

If you’re also having trouble getting your year-end seasonal notes to WTF, here are some tips that might help you.

Keep it short and sweet

Each year there is always one or two cards filled with printed letter highlighting all the great (and sometimes not so great) things that have happened to the family since last December. Maybe don’t do it this time. If 2020 turned out to be a good year for you, you are one of the few. Don’t rub it in. This is especially true for card recipients who are more familiar than friends, as you may simply not know if someone close to them has lost their jobs or are really sick.

If you can’t help but share something about each family member, ditch a long message and opt instead for a series of one-liners: At least with online learning, Sophie can’t be sent to the principal’s officeJoe works from home and secretly hopes it’s foreverMilo T. Kat hates everyone and just wants us to leave

Humor is the best way

Sometimes I like to rip a line from a holiday hymn or poem for my personal message. But then again, in 2020, notes like Decorate the halls with holly branches! or May your days be fun and bright, feel a little deaf.

In some of my cards, I’ve changed the last line “Twas the Night Before Christmas” that you can borrow: Merry Christmas everyone! Really bites this year!

Adjust general moods

There’s no reason not to stick to the proven holiday wishes – but with a twist. Personalization Mall has shared some perfect notes for 2020:

  • Sending love and holiday wishes from our bubble to yours.
  • New Year? Yes please! Better times ahead for everyone.
  • Yeah, we’re still home for the holidays. Hope you have a cozy family Christmas and New Year without quarantine.
  • All we want for Christmas is to see you again soon.

Stay positive

If humor is not for you – or if you prefer not to mention a virus that cannot be named – just keep a positive attitude. There is nothing wrong with basic wishes for a healthy, happy holiday and New Year .

Or how about this? I received a postcard from a colleague and his family nailed a handwritten greeting for this year: No deep message … just love ♥

Just write this

If none of this feels right and you are still struggling, just state the obvious: Hopefully next year will be better. Miss you tons.


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