Get Guaranteed Price Match at These Holiday Shopping Stores

Price negotiation is often overlooked as a way to get on-site discounts for department store purchases. The savings can be big, and hey, you’re already in the store – why not ask? Here’s a look at the pricing policies of some of the biggest big retailers.


Walmart has a limited in-store price comparison policy as you can request price comparison in the ledger, but only for items that are cheaper on its own company sites such as and If you notice a lower price on or while shopping in a store, you can report it to a Walmart employee in the registry using either the printout or your mobile phone as reference. Pricing is negotiated one per customer, per item, per day and is not available in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Read more about their policies here .


Target offers price comparisons for identical items that can be found at a lower price on, some online competitors (including Amazon and Walmart), and print ads from retailers, excluding coupons. Matching prices can be requested upon purchase or within 14 days of purchase. Target stores in Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from online price comparison competitors. Read more about their policies here .


Kohl stores will be in line with competitors’ in-store prices and will also match prices as prices in brick-and-mortar stores may vary. There is a long list of goods without coupons, which are not suitable for comparison of prices, and Kohl’s reserves the right to limit the number and otherwise exercise discretion in applying this policy, although it is not clear what this means. (One would assume that this is protection against blunders or misuse.) Read more about their policies here .

Bath & Beyond Bed

Bed Bath & Beyond will match prices for identical items within 14 days of purchase at both local and major online retailers, including their own online retailers. They do not match prices for clearance items, clearance sales, liquidation sales, or pricing errors, and prices for items promoted in any language such as “limited time,” “limited quantity,” or “while in stock” are not comparable. Any purchases made on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are not price comparable. Read more about their policies here .

Best buy

A customer service specialist at Best Buy will be able to match local regular competitors as well as products supplied and sold on,,,, and … Best Buy does not match prices for items with the wrong price, coupons, sale offers, package deals, prices based on loyalty programs, or anything that is advertised as “limited quantity”. The return and exchange period for most items is 15 days (with some exceptions ). Read more about their policies here .


JCPenney was offering a 5% additional discount as part of the price negotiation, but that appears to have disappeared since the filing for bankruptcy. However, they do have a solid guarantee that prices match the retail or online prices of any retailer, and this is respected all year round, including Black Friday. The only exceptions are online marketplaces and third-party sellers such as deal sites and auctions. Their price comparison includes items sold directly by, but not items sold by third parties on Read more about their policies here .

Home Depot

Home Depot pricing matches local retail competitors’ prices for identical items, if available. Simply bring your ad, printout, or photo to a Home Depot employee to register for verification. Items found on third-party discount sites at wholesale prices or purchased through special promotions such as Black Friday are unfortunately not priced. Read more about their policies here .


Lowe’s Price Matching Policy is very similar to Home Depot’s: Bring the ad as a printout or on your phone and a store clerk will check to see if it meets the price comparison criteria. The competing price must be in the same local market as the store you are visiting, and there are similar exceptions you see at Home Depot. The value for money is also limited to “reasonable quantities”. Read more about their policies here .


The staples may have the best price comparison as they go with just about everything in their store. They will match items sold by Amazon (excluding marketplace sellers) or any retailer who sells items both in retail stores and online under the same brand, provided the items are identical and purchased within the last 14 days. Staples will even cover free shipping if it’s part of a competing offering. Staples does have some exceptions, however, including instant or mail-order discounts, proprietary or competitive specials, Staples EasyTech services, and gift cards. Read more about their policies here .


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