FTC Says You Are Eligible for Prescription Glasses

Many eye test companies hope to sell you glasses, but you are eligible to shop. The FTC has a rule that you are entitled to a copy of your eyeglass prescription and they take action against prescribers who refuse .

This is how the FTC describes what they call the scoring rule:

The eyeglass rule requires doctors to provide patients with a copy of the eyeglass prescription immediately following an eye exam that includes refraction, even if the patient does not request it. Prescribers also cannot, under the Rule, require patients to purchase glasses as a condition of providing them with a copy of their prescription, place a disclaimer on a prescription, require patients to sign a waiver, or require patients to pay an additional fee in return. for a copy of the prescription. Prescribers also cannot refuse an eye exam unless the patient purchases glasses, contact lenses, or other ophthalmic products from them.

There is also a Contact Lens Rule with similar conditions.

This means that your healthcare provider must write you a prescription, even if you don’t ask for it . If they don’t, they are breaking the law. Then you can take this shop for prescription and comparison glasses or contact lenses wherever you go.

The FTC has a page that describes what information a prescription should contain and refutes several nonsensical excuses sometimes used by prescribers. Giving you a prescription is not a violation of HIPAA and they cannot require you to pay for an eye exam before the prescription is handed over – unless they charged everyone for an eye exam during the service. The only frustrating thing they can do is close the distance between the pupils, which is not a legally required part of the recipe. In some states, they may charge you for this part of the prescription.

If your prescriber still refuses to shell out, the FTC wants you to know you can report a violation here .


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