9 Recent Shows That Ended Ahead of Time

The duration of the TV show is shrinking . The proliferation of original streaming-based programming has reshaped the television landscape, making room for more shows with fewer episodes per season, and larger content-oriented platforms like Netflix can quickly move to the next stage before we TV lovers. the audience is really ready. Take Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures , for example, which was only approaching the heights of its storytelling when Netflix decided that a teenage witch drama could end it in four parts, thank you . The pandemic also affected production times around the world, leading to the early closure of more shows: for example, after a delay in production for GLOW, Netflix announced that it would be discontinuing the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling drama altogether. Television shows like Superstore and Claws will also soon be leaving ahead of their time, leaving behind stellar seasons that we can at least watch on rerun. Here are some of the more recent shows that ended or canceled in 2020, so be sure to say goodbye.


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