Here Are the Best AITA Posts of the Year From Reddit

It should be clear why the r / AmItheAsshole subreddit is so popular. First, there are really a lot of assholes in this world; The year 2020 has repeatedly confirmed this fact to us. But besides, usually everyone else is not us , we are perfect assholes. In other words, it’s much easier to recognize an asshole in someone else than to recognize him in yourself. For this we need Reddit.

Here is the description of the AITA board:

A catharsis for disaffected moral philosophers in all of us, and a place to finally find out if you were wrong about the argument that bothers you. Tell us about any nonviolent conflict you have experienced; tell us both sides of the story and find out if you are right or if you are a jerk.

What’s gratifying about the top 10 AITA posts of the year is how consistently they are devoid of true vile behavior (at least from the people who post). There are several ups and downs – theft and revenge, cruel pranks and atonement, death and a message from the grave. But in the end, I think you will find many of these stories inspiring.


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