Do Not Cut the Fondant Before Shipping

Delivering treats to family and friends is one tradition that is likely to have more fun than usual this year. Cookies are best, but fudge is an equally delicious confection with a dense brick-like structure making it easy to transport. Of course there are rules.

Fudge squares may look a little more attractive than giant blocks, but there are two reasons why you don’t want to ship pre-cut fudges. First, the fudge can dry out and crumble in the air, and cutting it increases the exposed surface area. If you put it in one slab, the elements will remain intact for the most part.

Then there is the issue of temperature. Even if you travel from one cool place to another, your fudge is likely to experience some temperature fluctuations. An ice pack of some sort may help with the unacceptable warmth, but most of the fudge can handle these vibrations better than a bunch of tiny cubes. Even if the slab melts a little and returns to its original position, it will be less than tiny cubes, which are much more likely to melt and return to a shape that doesn’t look good.

What is the easiest way to prevent the change in shape and keep the fudge out of the air? Send it to the tray in which it was installed. Obviously, you should use a tray that you’ll never mind, never see again – disposable aluminum ones are great for this. Cover the top with plastic wrap (or just wrap the entire tray with it), wrap it up with a small padding to keep it from pushing too hard, and toss in an ice gel bag if you think your fondant will collide with a wave of heat. (Just remember to put an ice pack in your freezer bag so it doesn’t leak all over the place and sweat on your fondant. Nobody likes sweaty fudge.)


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