Download These Free DIY Home Shelving Plans

There has already been a significant increase in the number of people involved in various home improvement projects during the pandemic, and this is likely to continue throughout the winter months. While we are stuck at home, we could have made it a little better. Not everyone has the time or budget for a major overhaul, but there are some relatively inexpensive DIY projects you can do that can really make a difference in your home, including adding new shelving.

Shelving can not only increase storage space in your home, but also be decorative. And best of all, there are tons of free downloadable woodworking diagrams that show you how to make various shelves. Here are some examples from The Spruce that are suitable for beginners.

Recycled wood pallet shelf

If you have access to wood pallets, you can complete this project with a very small budget. Here are the plans for a recycled wood pallet shelf from Strawberry Chic .

Perforated board shelf

This shelving project is not only relatively simple, but also adjustable thanks to the dowels. Download plans shelves Pegboard to site the Better Homes is & Gardens .

Cubby shelf

Perfect for a nursery or home office, this small shelf was modeled on the shelf sold at West Elm for $ 179. Here’s how to access Jen Woodhouse’s Cubby Shelf plans.

Scrap wood shelf

Do you have spare wood? Take advantage of this by making this rustic shelf simple yet stylish. Load the Scrap Shelf Plans from the Rogue Engineer .

Truck shelf

This one is not only functional but also quite charming. And it’s portable: since it’s on a different surface and not attached to the wall, you can move it to different parts of your home. Here’s how to access the truck shelf plans from This is My Letter .


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