Make It Look Like Wes Anderson Designed Your Home Office With These Scale Backdrops

Bored of regular Zoom backgrounds? Are you tired of panicking to clean up your desk 30 seconds before a Zoom meeting so your coworkers don’t see the pile of trash you call your home? Let me introduce you to your latest option: Zoom backgrounds featuring a home office inspired by famous directors . And yes, it’s as fun as it sounds. Here’s how to load these backgrounds and improve your Zoom game.

How to make it look like your work from a set of films

The team at Budget Direct Home Insurance has produced seven digital renders of home offices, now available for download as Zoom backgrounds, with interior designs inspired by Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson and other highly rendered filmmakers. Not only are they handy, but they also suggest how to design storytelling :

The filmmakers in our study may not be interior designers, but they do do well in creating a consistent and compelling look for every film and throughout their careers. They know how to add not only style to a room, but also character, plot and drama. If you’re making or renovating a home office in your home away from coworkers, these are essential elements that you won’t find in the Home & Garden section of the Sunday apps.

In addition to Coppola and Anderson, Zoom home office backgrounds are also available in the style of other filmmakers, including Wachowski (The Matrix), Bon Joon Ho (Parasite), David Lynch (Twin Peaks), Jean-Pierre Jeunet ( “Amelie”) and Pedro Almodovar (“Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown”). All images are available for saving / downloading on the Budget Direct website .


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