Plan a Hike to Get Some Fresh Air and Get Rid of the Stress of the Holiday

Whether you’re spending your vacation alone or (still) locked up with the same people you’ve been quarantined with for several months, you could probably use the break from your regular routine. Even if you are not celebrating, you may have a day off (or at least part of the day) to regroup. One way to do this is to go outside and get some fresh air while walking. Here’s how to plan a vacation trip to reduce stress.

Why a holiday hike?

For some, this is a way to relieve indigestion after eating a large meal. For others, this is an escape from the family. Whatever the reason, you could probably use the crisp, almost wintry air and spend time in nature. To be clear, for our purposes, a “hike” is just a walk. This does not mean that you need to climb something, wear boots or stand on your feet for hours. (This is an option, of course, but not a requirement.) Of course, you can just walk out the front door and start walking, but there are a few things you can do ahead of time to make this experience more enjoyable.

How to plan a holiday hike

Here are some hiking planning tips, courtesy of Aislinn Sarnaki of Bangor Daily News :

  • Check the weather – not only for temperature, but also for wind and possible precipitation. Then dress appropriately.
  • Select a route / location. If you’re heading to a park with multiple trails, take a look at the trail map (or download it) ahead of time so you are ready to go when you arrive.
  • Dress in layers. If you live in a colder place, wrap yourself up. But also make sure you can remove some layers if it gets too warm.
  • Don’t forget your face mask. Even if the idea is to be alone in the desert (or on a smooth paved trail), you might run into people.
  • Keep your camera (well, phone) close at hand. You never know when you stumble upon beautiful nature.
  • Bring some treats! After all, this is a holiday – you should enjoy some snacks.

Happy (holiday) trails!


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