How the North Pole Works During a Pandemic

Your kids may be concerned about Santa’s annual World Tour this year – and rightly so. We’ve just spent months explaining why they can’t go to school, gym class, summer camp, their friend’s house, grandma’s house, or wherever. You told them why you weren’t going to visit your family on Thanksgiving or Christmas, how we all have to squat to keep each other out of the coronavirus. But then … Santa probably won’t leave the crowded North Pole to fly around the world, potentially infecting everyone , right?

Yes, Santa is still walking and everything is fine. And that’s why.

Santa is immune to COVID-19

To begin with, Santa is immune to the virus, as USA Today reports:

At least that’s what Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading national expert on infectious diseases, said.

“Santa is exempt from this because Santa, of all the good qualities, has a good innate immunity,” Fauci said USA TODAY this week.

Look, if the top national infectious disease expert says this, I tend to believe it because it’s science. However, if you think your kids will shy away from the science in question for some reason, you can also tell worried kids that Santa’s magic protects him from the virus. His magic does a lot of incredible things; it is logical to assume that this is also the case.

Despite possessing magical immunity, Santa still considers it important to set a good example this year and not encourage others to potentially infect each other with the virus. This is why all of these in-person visits to the local mall are canceled, and virtual visits will increase this year.

The North Pole has a mask mandate

Look, I do not want to go into the debate about whether there should be a national mandate for the mask (it should be), all that I am saying is that it is the North Pole, and it looks like it works :

Dr. Greg Poland, director of the vaccine research group at the Mayo Clinic, said he had just been on the phone with the North Pole when he spoke to the US TODAY on Thursday. There were two infections among the elves, but “none of them were serious,” he said.

“It was a good reminder for the elves to wear the mask correctly. Now they do it. This is a must at the North Pole, ”said Poland.

Fortunately, it seems that Mrs. Klaus, who has implemented the regular testing program, understands that testing is not causing the spike in cases, but it is testing that helps us prevent further spread, as you can imagine.

And other security measures in place

There are many elves in the North Pole, but luckily Santa’s workshop is vast, which made proper social distancing possible. Cleaning teams also regularly disinfect tools and toy making equipment, and hand sanitizer dispensers can be found near every work area.

The hardest part was getting the workshop well ventilated given the cold temperatures. However, given the strengthening of the Arctic caused by climate change (that is, the way the Arctic has warmed about twice as much as in the world over the past 30 years), now it is not as cold as it used to be.

In addition, these elves and other creatures have lived at the North Pole their entire lives; they are used to a little fresh air.


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