Try These Overhead Presses

The rigid overhead press is a great exercise, but as we are working on it this month , it is good to know that there are other options. Maybe you don’t have a barbell. You may not have enough high ceilings to remove it from where you are lifting. Well, don’t worry; try one of these alternatives.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

“Shoulder press” is a term to look out for if you want to explore the types of overhead press movements that bodybuilders prefer. (Curls in bodybuilding focus on what muscles you are training, as opposed to other strength sports, which are more in line with what you do with weight.)

You can use a dumbbell shoulder press or any of a variety of machines that you must use to overcome overhead resistance. All of these movements work your deltoids (the muscles in your upper shoulder) as well as your triceps (the muscles in the back of your arms that straighten your elbows).

Try using two dumbbells at the same time, one at a time, or with one or two weights.

Seated press

This is ideal if you have low ceilings or don’t want to engage your core or lower body.

Z-press is the name of what you do when you sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you (or spread out to the sides if you feel more stable) and squeeze a barbell or other weight over your head. … You cannot use your legs or hips to flex and stabilize your core during the press, making it a harder exercise for your shoulders and arms than a standing press.

You can also sit on a bench or incline bench. If you train at home, make sure the bench can support your weight as well as whatever you press. The vast majority of home gym bounces are associated with people who thought they could tilt their abs while sitting in a chair. Spoiler alert: we couldn’t.

Anything else

Apart from the above, you can actually click whatever you want. In competition, strongmen are sometimes challenged to a giant rock overhead, or a heavy square box (I did it, it’s terrible), or a sandbag. If you promise to be careful not to drop the item on top of you, give it a try.


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