Make This Taco Pie and Eat It Yourself

Earlier this week, I received a package from Taco Bell. This package was in chaos. There were Taco Bell branded mini pumpkins, a Taco Bell Jenga style game, a Taco Bell Friendsgiving wreath, a very flattering tracksuit with a bag of hot sauce, and a bunch of plates and glasses (all Taco Bell themed). It was a full party box, including everything you might need to have a wacky Friendship. However, this year the presence of human friends is illegal, but that’s okay – you can draw faces on mini pumpkins. They are your friends now.

Among the party supplies were several recipes, including one for Crispy Pastoral Pie Tacos, which, if Taco Bell hasn’t started offering lamb tacos, should actually be called Cottage Crisp Tacos or maybe Drive- Thru Pie “. I just call it “Taco Pie” and I do it – and I will continue to do it – with this voice . (I didn’t, however, add all the food coloring, because it’s not a holiday yet.)

What exactly is in this taco pie? Taco. Tacos and steamed vegetables. You cook vegetables, add vegetables to crispy Taco Bell tacos, and bury them in potatoes (to be exact, a Bag of Mashed Potatoes and Cheddar Potatoes). Is it a little silly to release a potato recipe like this right after you have removed all the potatoes from your menu? Yes. Yes it. Anyway. After reading the recipe, I realized that I needed to cook it, just like I should have made the (surprisingly good) 2019 chicken sponge cake and tacos. If you want to go with me, you can find the recipe here .

First you need to fry the vegetables. Only onions are a must, but Taco Bell gives you the option to add carrots, red peppers, and a cup of corn kernels. I added all the vegetables and ended up with too many vegetables. When the vegetables are “soft and lightly browned,” remove them from the heat, let them cool, and place them in the two ready-made crispy tacos you bought from Taco Bell. At this point, you’ll know there’s a salad in there, and that salad will get hot if you bury it in the mashed potatoes, but what’s done is done.

Then boil four roussettes until puree and then mash until they are “very smooth.” I used a potato holder because it is the easiest way to make potatoes “very smooth”. Then melt half a stick of butter in a glass of milk and pour this into the potatoes. It will seem like too much liquid, but don’t worry. We bake Taco Bell tacos in mashed potatoes; really shouldn’t be overestimated.

Then add a cup of chopped cheddar and four (4) bags of Taco Bell hot sauce. If you have a taste similar to mine, you can add even more of both. I ended up adding a handful of cheese and an extra bag of sauce because the potatoes were soft without them.

Once that’s done, pour half of the hot sauce bagged potatoes into a 9-inch baking dish (Taco Bell sent the white one below for this purpose), place the vegetable tacos on top of the potato layer, and bury the tacos. with the rest of the potatoes, just like your shame.

Bake for about 40 minutes at 350 ℉, until the top is golden brown.

Let it cool for at least 10 minutes, then serve yourself a slice.

What’s this taco pie like? Taco Bell. Tastes like Taco Bell. The taco and potato combo is pretty good, but we already knew what was coming, didn’t we? We already know that Taco Bell goes great with potatoes because Taco Bell used to serve potatoes before and they were good.

Anyway. The crunchy side of the “Crunchy Taco” has clearly softened a little, giving the filling a vague tamale vibe, although at least the end of the hot salad was less noticeable. The carrots were distracting, but all the other vegetables were working fine. I ate my slice with sour cream and Fire sauce and ate it very quickly.

Can I share this with other people? Not proud. Although my boyfriend ate a little – straight out of the fridge – and said it was “really, really good,” so I might do it for him someday. This taco cake tastes good – it looks like Taco Bell. It’s tasty. It really spanks, especially when served with sour cream and hot sauce. This is what you need to eat alone, but these are times of loneliness. Maybe that’s why Taco Bell sent me this recipe – to us . According to Stefan Jenkins, I’ve never been this lonely, and I’ve … never been this alive.


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