Yes You Can Pee in the Shower

Peeing in the shower is disgusting. However, the scripture in the soul will not harm anyone or anything. Thus, no one can make a decision about whether it is permissible to pee in the shower until they come to terms with this contradiction.

It is rare that both sides of an argument are true, but there is still one irrefutable conclusion available to everyone. And here it is: you can pee in the shower if you don’t admit it .

Why you can’t talk about scripture in your soul

Because it’s disgusting. This is urine. He leaves your body, and people don’t want to hear about him leaving except to the toilet. In fact, they probably don’t want you to regale them with tales of peeing just to the bathroom either. (Possibly.) Just keep it to yourself.

On the rare occasion that you know your conversation partner is good with a shower to pee, there is still no reason to discuss. Both of you do these rude things, and as a result, you don’t think worse of each other. It is settled. Now you can move on to discussing something more enjoyable.

Why you can write in the shower (secretly)

Because it’s just piss. This is not the sour blood of the Alien . If the urine actually touches your skin, it will be immediately washed away by the jet of water you are in.

The same goes for plumbing and shower floors. The moment the urine touches them, it is immediately washed off. We don’t need to discuss its color, acidity or any other properties. It will not be in contact with any surface long enough to act on it.

Is the urine sterile? Does not matter! But to answer the question, there may be some bacteria in it. It is not as full of germs as feces (feces are mostly made up of germs ). This is not someone’s coronavirus-related cough. This is urine, it has left your body and will soon flow down the drain.

If you have open wounds on your legs, will urine contact them for a moment? Well, yes, but if you have open wounds on your legs, they will come in contact with other gross and microbes, such as the floor in the shower, so you should cover open wounds with waterproof patches if you are so afraid of infection. (This may make sense with surgical incisions; I don’t think this is a major problem for small scratches.)

How to navigate this issue socially

Writing in the shower is a personal choice. You are not required to do this (even though it may save some water and time). If you prefer not to pee in the shower, you don’t need to change anything in your life, except that you should stop asking your friends if they are peeing in the shower. If they voluntarily provide this information, do not participate.

For the rest of us, don’t bring this up. To a direct question, you can simply say that peeing in the shower is disgusting. This is a slight bias, but 100% accurate.

A word of caution: do not pee in a public shower in front of others.

And always, always, always make sure the floor and other surfaces are rinsed before leaving the shower. Leave no trace.


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