How to Take School Photos of Your Child at Home

The pandemic has taken so much from us, but did you know what it doesn’t take? Our kid’s awkward school pictures (complete with a traditional blue or gray background), that’s what.

Some kids who are in school full-time or part-time may still have a traditional school photography day this fall. But parents of children who study in a fully virtual school might have assumed that there would simply be a gap in their collection of school photographs, where the image of 2020-2021 should have been. But school photography company Lifetouch has partnered with Shutterfly to create a way for parents to create their own school photos from their phones.

To get started, download the Shutterfly app , scroll down and click on the ‘Picture Day Snaps @Home’ section. From there, you will be able to view the package options. Packs start at $ 4.99 for a few physical photos and a digital image with a standard blue background, and up to $ 14.99 for a few additional photos and the ability to resize the image and choose from a wider set of backgrounds. You can use an existing photo already in the film or take a new one.

This school photo may end up among your favorites, because what is especially nice about the virtual version of school photography is that you can choose the photo you like best, resize it and test it with a different background (if you are spending money for a premium package) – all before payment.

You know you get it without the weeks of waiting – and it won’t have your child’s fake, forced smile or a giant ketchup spot after dinner that day (I mean, if that’s not the route you prefer to take). ).


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