How to Recognize Black Women for Their Role in the 2020 Elections

If the presidential election was in your favor, you probably enjoy memes, tweets and messages about Stacey Abrams and how black women have performed in our country. It’s like black women in Georgia roll up their sleeves and say, “Damn, I have to do this?” And this is partly true. The success of this country has long been based on the work of black women, and they did what they always did: worked hard to bring about the change they deserve.

What happened in Georgia?

Stacey Abrams ran for governor of Georgia at the same time as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2018. Although she ultimately lost the election to her opponent, Brian Kemp, with 55,000 votes, the race revealed massive use of suppression tactics .

She could have sent lawyers and asked for a recount, but Abrams replied instead that he should contact the victims directly. Abrams worked with her Fair Fight organization and registered more than 800,000 new voters , including 450,000 in predominantly colored areas.

The result is a Democratic leadership in Georgia that overturned the state in the 2020 elections last week.

Ways to Support Black Women in Georgia

It’s nice to thank and praise, but there are other ways to pay tribute to the hard work that Stacey Abrams and other black women have put into increasing voter access. In addition to reposting this quote on Instagram or retweeting it with a heartfelt dedication, here are some ways to honor the women who voted for it.

Donate to reputable organizations fighting voter suppression

You may get tired of people telling you to spend money on problem solving, but fighting voter suppression takes money. Consider donating to organizations like Fair Fight that support voter rights that have historically been the target of voter suppression.

You can also donate to causes that support the lives of black women. The Black Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, Georgia is dedicated to improving the physical, mental, and financial health of black women. These types of organizations help the well-being of black women outside of politics.

Impact on the second round of elections to the Georgia Senate

Tell us about the second round of the Georgia Senate . Until Biden is elected president, there are Senate seats at stake, and Georgians need to vote again on January 5th. New 18-year-olds can register to vote by December 7th . They may not have been able to vote in this presidential election, but voting on January 5 gives them a chance to vote. Read about the candidates who are nominated for elections in the second round of Georgia and support them wherever you can.

Supporting businesses owned by black women

The systemic barriers against black women are still real, but you can support them by supporting their businesses. Buy From a Black Woman aims to make the business of black women more famous; Read about their mission, browse their directory of black women businesses , and become a customer.

Be aware of voter suppression

Find ways to learn more about voting history, voter rights, and voter suppression. You can start with a simple looking documentaries, such as ” Shoot down the house with the feet” on Netflix or ” Kill the Dragon” from the movie Magnolia, or pocherpnuv lesson from the series ” Whose vote counts “, which is explained in the current season.


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