How to Combine Vintage and Modern Home Design in a Way That Works

Gone are the days when you went to a traditional furniture store, saw a floor model of a room you liked, then bought it and recreated the look of a lamp instead of a lamp in your own home. Our homes are now carefully “cared for” to reflect our personal style and philosophy – or at least look good on Instagram.

This look often combines modern design with a few tasteful vintage pieces. Sounds great, but how do you actually do it? New Orleans Gambit has asked local interior designers for advice. Here’s what they said.

Create a vintage look

Find a vintage piece of furniture or decor that you can’t leave at a flea market? Buy now and worry if it matches later. “When you can find a large piece of furniture, it really takes a lot more off budget than trying to add small pieces that work with what you have,” interior designer Whitney Jones told Gambit .

Don’t be afraid to take courage

If you’ve completely overcome the seemingly endless trend towards gray walls, add some color and patterns and make your space your own. But it’s not always easy to just ditch the mid-century wallpaper and end it. “It’s not just that you put a bunch of things in a room,” interior designer Chad Gracie told Gambit . “They all have to know some language, work together and be there for some reason … If something is wrong, then it is probably wrong.”

Combine simple modern pieces with sophisticated vintage finds

Sometimes vintage items are classic wooden dressers that fit anywhere. In other cases, they get attention. In such cases, surrounding them with sleek modern furniture and accessories helps things come together without giving the impression that the different time periods presented are competing with each other.


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