Find Great Deals With Google’s New Price Comparison Tool

Here’s some good news for those scared of online shopping as the holidays approach: Google makes it easy to compare prices in Google Shopping.

Google’s small product portal will now show you the lowest and highest prices for a particular product ever sold, as well as how prices in a particular store compare to those of others. Unlike other apps that only track specific stores, Google’s “price information” is pulled from all retailers on Google’s Shopping lists – a fairly large list if you want to close a deal.

While this feature is still rolling out, which means you don’t see it yet, here are three ways to compare the price of an item via Google:

  • Find it in the Google Shopping mobile app ( Android / iOS )
  • Find it at
  • Use a regular Google search and click the Shopping tab at the top of the results page.

Select a product from the search results, then check the new Typical Online Pricing section. You will see a range of available prices displayed as a blue bar, with a specific seller’s current listing highlighted somewhere along the bar to indicate whether it is more or less expensive compared to other stores.

If you’re happy with the price, click Visit Page to purchase from the retailer’s website, or click Buy Options to see what other stores have to offer, including curbside pick-up and delivery options. You can also toggle Track Price to set up price alerts if you’d rather wait for a sale. All products you track can be found in the My Activities menu in the Google Shopping app or .

You also don’t have to go through Google to find the best deals. There are many other tools you can use to compare prices and save money. Our favorites include CamelCamelCamel , which compares prices on Amazon; notification extensions, such as Visualping , that notify you when content changes on websites (such as price); and NowInStock , which is a great way to access hard-to-find items.

Combining all of these services can be a tedious undertaking, so those who don’t mind completing another online task through the Google ecosystem will probably love how Google Shopping makes it easy to track prices.


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